Who said Sex cannot be used as punishment?

And no…

I am not referring to forced sex/rape.

Neither Am I referring to the withholding your partner the pleasure…nope…that is just plain boring.

I am talking about the nasty. The pain. Being punished with sex.

Strange concept.

Maybe you should find out more?

Maybe you should read a bit of sexual punishment erotica.

Well below is an example from my story “His enemies Bride”

The second shot folded my body in half. It burned down my spine like someone poured boiling water on my bare skin. Winded I gathered myself up. Back towards Marshal. Franco allowed me to pull down his pants before he struck me again. It was not as hard as the second shot. Still, I felt my skin tear open. I managed to undo his boxers and saw a large circumcised flaccid penis. Size no longer intrigued me, although he was allot bigger than most men.

“Good fucking lord, but the prince of Harvard is seriously packing some big shit!” Franco said.

I took Marshall’s cock in my hand and started to jerk it off. He was not getting erect, and I could hear through the shallow breaths of Franco that he was getting impatient with me. I decided to slip my tongue over his penis head. While still jerking him off, I started sucking his large dick. Thankfully, his cock started to grow in my mouth.

It did not satisfy Franco.

“Let’s play a little game,” he said.

I heard Franco undress. Soon I felt him standing wide legged over me, his cock pressing up against my back. Marshall trembled, however he was now already rock hard in my mouth.

“It is not a game actually. It is more a save the dame thing.”

I closed my eyes. I knew I was the dame. I knew I was the one that needed saving. I knew Franco was about to take me to an inch of my life. I did not care. I just wished for whatever was going to happen to happen swiftly.

I felt the belt tighten around my neck.

“Now you better shoot your fucking load boy. Before she suffocate.”

“Franco, please stop punishing her,” Marshal said.

The belt tightened some more, “It is not her I am punishing. Start enjoying the blowjob.”

I gasped for air. Marshall’s cock was large in my mouth as I started to jerk him of, harder, faster. The belt tightened even more. My air was cut off. I could not continue with the blowjob and Marshall’s cock popped out of my mouth.

I struggled against the belt. Even more so when Franco pulled me upright with it.

“She won’t hold out long boy,” Franco smirked and walked backwards towards his chair, still holding me with the belt. As he took a seat, the tension released somewhat, allowing precious air to fill my lungs. Immediately Franco sensed it and tightened the belt once more.

“I suggest you take that snake of yours and put it in her pussy. I won’t let go unless you shoot your load.”

Marshall hesitated, then came forward. He positioned himself between my and Franco’s legs, and lifted my buttocks on top off Franco. Then pressed his cock against my fold and plunged into me. He felt massive. By far the biggest man yet. However, my lungs begged for oxygen.

“That’s it boy pump her. Harder. Harder. Faster.” Like all his sick twisted games Franco was enjoying this.

Marshall complied. For the first time I looked at his face. He was striking. Deep brown penetrating eyes, high cheekbones. Nothing like the men Franco kept for company. Unfortunately his image soon became blurry. I felt him inside me. Large. A vision of my father rushed past my eyes. I no longer heard Franco’s breathing or Marshall’s desperation. I was drifting away. An outstretched hand. I reached for it.

Then wetness fell over my tits.

The belt released and my lungs gasped in as much air as it could. I never knew air could taste that good.


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